Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ferguson Riots

The rioting that is going on in Ferguson has lasted longer than the riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King. Now I am not going to speak to the merits of the legal case what I am going to point out instead is that Martin Luther King was a great man who helped a lot of people and he was truly senselessly gunned down. This situation is nothing like that The fact that people could move towards healing so much sooner in 1968 when race was a much bigger issue than it is today, says a lot one the economy does suck and when people do not have jobs and money they do feel disaffected but still destroying property and stealing is no way to commemorate anyone's life. If this young man was truly a law abiding citizen then people's behavior runs counter to what he was. If he was less than an exemplary citizen, it does not matter looting, destroying and stealing are not going to bring him back nor are they going to bring jobs to your area.


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