Monday, April 16, 2007

Ride 4 Arthritis

Morning, we have just spent a very busy weekend which took us to Southern Illinois on Saturday, to the Swap Meet on Sunday and then into St Charles last night for something hopefully many of you will find enjoyable reading in the next couple of months. I know I posted this event before on th blog but thought I would once again extend an invitation to all of you to either take part on this ride, as a member of one of the teams or to make a donation on your own to the Arthritis Foundation, and those of you who work some companies may be able to double your contribution if your company has a matching program. Arthritis does not just affect the more mature in our population it also affects children and people no matter where they are in the life cycle. It is because of this that alomst all of us no someone who has arthritis and see the pain and suffering it causes in their lives. So I ask you once again to help others and get an opportunity to ride your motorcycle and have fun.

Howdy folks I have a favor to ask of you. I am once again involved with the Ride 4 Arthritis and this year's event promises to be the best ever. I have also been chosen to captain a team. My request is that as many of you as can please sign up for my team to do this you need to visit: on the left hand side of the page is a team ranking and if you click on the The Biking Life team you can join it. I would like to see a lot of The Biking Life supporters out there. If you sign up online and pre-register for the event. I will sell you a t-shirt for 7.50 or half of the usual price. I think it would be very cool to see a bunch of us wearing magazine t-shirts taking part in this ride. Just send me an email after you sign up if you want the t-shirt.


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Sorry this post below this one wasn't showing up for days until just now I hate being redundant so please accept my apologies.

April 16, 2007 at 9:39 AM  

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