Monday, August 20, 2012

Good to get out

It was good getting out this past weekend. I was not able to get to as many events as I wanted to but had fun everywhere we went. The two rodeos one by FORR at the Tattooed Lady in Moscow Mills and the other one held by the Free Spirits MC for MDAA for the 25th year in a row were great from what I was told. Those are fun events and a little different and some like the Free Spirits have been putting them on for a long time. We hope you had fun this weekend and look forward to seeing you down the road.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Folks, today more than ever when we are all looking for ways to stretch our dollars, giving wisely to charity is more important than ever. One key number is fundraising efficiency. When you have a benefit for a friend or family member this number is extremely high. Then there are foundations like the Hartbaauer/McBride Foundation (bikers Helping Bikers) that are run by volunteers and have minimal expenses. There efficiency rating is also very high. Then at the other end of the scale are the large non-profit charities among the best of these is the Make-A-Wish Foundation which has an efficiency of $.17 from each dollar that goes to help those in need. Remember I said this was one of the best,other large non-profit charities are worse. They spend more than $.83 of every dollar they receive on expenses. So when giving you need to ask yourself do I want to help someone or do I want to pay a lot of folks to do volunteer work.

Stuff to do this weekend

Lots to do this weekend here are a few suggestions. The Brian Neff Run on Sunday and the Hartbauer/McBride Runs are both for very worthy causes please attend one of these 17 - 19 12th Annual Root Hog Rally at Arrowhead Camprground on the Caster River Grassy MO 18 25th Annual Free Spirits Motorcycle Rodeo for MDA at Dupo Quarterback Club, 1625 Bluffview Dr, Dupo, IL gates open at 6 PM 18 Hog Roast Benefit at the Cellar Room this event is for three fire victims and will be held at the Cellar Room on N Broadway in Alton, IL starting at 3:00 PM 18 Copperheads Annual Shriners Run sign up at Copperhead Tavern last bike out by 1 PM 18 Angela's Army Dragons for Cancer Benefit To help Angela House and her family at Handlebars 1149 N Hwy 67, Florissant, MO 1:30 to 10 PM 18 J.W. Morgan Cancer Benefit Ride II sign up at Classic Cue in Fayetteville, GA 18 FORR Local 13 25th Anniversary and Wonder Run sign up at Richard's Cycles in Mexico, MO 18 5th Annual FORR Rodeo Tattooed Lady in Moscow Mills, MO 18 Back From Sturgis Party at the Hawg Pit in Grafton,IL 18 Gunner/Kelly Fallen Brothers Annual Poker Run sign up at the White Mule in DeSoto, MO 19 IL/MO Hartbauer/McBride Poker Run Teds Motorcycle World 11:30 to 1 PM 19 Chris Akers and Brian Neff Memorial Poker Run Sign up at Karbans Knotty Pines