Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Request for Items

I recently got a letter from a motorcyclist(read biker but I want to make sure good items get posted tot his page.) That will not be able to do for his children this year. He is in a place where he won't be able to see them either. He asked if I would send him the magazine and I do send some to correctional facilities so I probably will. This is the part that was different though, he asked if I knew of any toy runs in St Louis County and while there are a lot of them there were none I could contact in time so I decided to do this.

He has two sons 12 and 13 that live in the DeSoto area. He asked for t-shirts and sweatshirts. Oh I almost forgot the 12 yr old wears a men's Small and a husky 16 in pants and the 13 yr old wears a men's medium and pants 33 x 30. I will help him out with this and thought some of you might like to as well. So wherever we are over the next two weeks we will collect items if you have something you want to donate please bring them. I am trying to contact his sister, to see what size jeans they wear also. If you don't have anything laying around but would like to help someone less fortunate out over the holidays you could send a check to The Biking Life, PO Box 448, Troy, IL 62294 and please put in the memo donation for boys and we can make this families Christmas a little better.

This weekend we will be at TJ's Bar and Grill on Sunday as part of a toy drive/Bake Sale, then the following weekend we will be back at TJ's on Saturday at 7 PM for one of our DVD release parties and the following weekend on the 15th we will be at Jack's Iron Horse again at 7 PM for a DVD release party and then on the 16th we will be at the Cellar Room in Alton, IL at 7 PM for our last DVD release party before Christmas. Thanks in advance for your help.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you the best of what this day has to offer. To all of you who ride motorcycles or just anyone that is has found something of interest from time to time on this website. I know that Joy and I have been blessed with good health, except for her injuries, for the most part this year. We have once again enjoyed the company of many of our friends this year and made a lot of new ones while we were out. I hope for the same for all of you and thank you for another year of your support.

I treasure each of my friends and supporters and hope this is a great holiday season for all of you.

Jim Furey

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Protecting Motorcyclists

I was driving around today thinking, thinking about a number of things. Some of it was about this past weekend and how well the Bike Show turned out. Another was I drove through a construction zone, like we don't have enough of those around here and saw the sign $10,000 fine if you hit a worker.

Well the do-gooders want to protect us motorcyclists right? So why not a $10,000 fine if a motorist hits a biker. They don't make construction workers wear extra protection in case a cage hits them. I think they could wear like those Sumo wrestling outfits then if they got hit they would bounce. I am being sarcastic there so if any of you are construction workers do not take offense. My point is that the states think making it a bigger fine to hit a highway construction worker increases their safety well then if they want to increase a biker's safety let them make the fine bigger for hitting one of us and they could even set up a trust fund to help with medical expenses and other costs while we recover.

What do you think of this idea?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Motorcycle thefts

This is some sorry shit to have to address here but from reports I've been receiving it seems that there is a rash of scooter thefts taking place in South County and also in Jefferson Co. If you have anyone trying to sell you parts cheap beware. Also if you value your motorcycle you might want to think about better ways to secure it.

One report I got said the guy had it in his yard, unfortunate but not all of us have garages and in the second incident it was in a guys garage so even where you think your bike is safe it may not be. Just a word to the wise.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Biking Life Motorcycle Show

I want to thank everyone who made our motorcycle show over the weekend the success that it was. I thank Tony Rusteberg of Thunder Alley Promotions and his staff for the great job that they did. All the vendors that supported us, the bike builders in the builders showcase area, all my staff. The people that came from all over a six state area to enter the best collection of motorcycles I have seen in one place and all of the magazines supporters and everyone else that took time out of their busy weekend to support us.

I will support you in the same way. We had all kinds of bikes here from Rick and Linda Schutt's 1923 FD to the latest radical custom owned by Steve Sigmund, and some very intriguing pieces like the Cushman Scooter, the Eagle Trike, Kevin Slezinger's self rising bike, which I should have categorized differently and one of the big hits of the show Jayce J.J. Ellis Pocket rocket with the fully functional NOS system. This young man spent hours getting his pride and joy ready for the show.

Thanks again and watch for next year's show.