Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Magazines are in

And so I am about to go pick them up andstart delivering The Biking Life to people throughout the region.

It is Wednesday

That can only mean one thing it is time for the B.A.R. Ride, as you know that leaves from Shady Jack's at right artound 7 PM. i am afraid I may not be able to ride with you tonight because here shortly the magazines should be arriving. Tomorrow night is bike night at Geo' Wings and more on W Main St in Belleville, IL. This event is really growing and it is a great place to meet your friend or make new ones.

There is a lot of stuff going on again this weekend. Doc's Anniversary Activities should be fun and will be going on all wekend. Saturday there is a poker run for Meals on Wheels that will be leaving out of Gallagher's in Freeburg and another for Firefighters that starts in Ursa, IL. Sunday is the Arthritis Foundation 100 Miles for arthritis Ride this starts at Twisters on the corner of Wolfrum Rd and Hwy 94 in St Peters or St Charles the corner is right. The third is also the Motorheads Poker Run and this is always a big time of course it starts at Phyl's, Chet and Roses in Marine, IL and this year will end at Falling Springs. I plan on showing up there in the early evening but can't guarantee I'll take part in the contests this year. There are a lot of other fun events this weekend including Grand Openings at Don's Speed shop in Barnhart, MO and the Steel Horse Junction in Farmington stop in to both of these places and introduce yourself to the owners oh tell them you heard about through The Biking Life if you would be so kind.

If you have an event add it as a comment.

Monday, May 28, 2007

What day is today oh yeah Memorial Day

Well check out how our government supports our troops.

Higher TRICARE Fees Endorsed
Week of May 28, 2007
The Pentagon-appointed Task Force on the Future of Military Health will endorse higher TRICARE fees, deductibles and co-payments for under-65 retirees and their families in an interim report to be sent to Congress May 31. It also will back other key features of the TRICARE "reform" package first proposed last year by the Department of Defense. These include:
Raising beneficiary co-payments on prescriptions filled in the TRICARE retail pharmacy network.
Indexing TRICARE fees and deductibles so that automatic annual adjustments keep them in step with rising healthcare costs.
Establishing tiers for the new TRICARE fee structure, probably based on rank at retirement, so that retirees with bigger annuities pay more for their health care coverage and retirees with smaller annuities pay less.

The above is from a good site for veteran's it keep[s you posted on how the nation you served keeps whittling away at your benefits. Yes it is not just the Native Americans the government screwed they do it to those who serve it on a consistent basis.

If you truly support our troops contact you elected representatives and tell them to quit screwing them around and remind them that you vote and if they can't support the troops you will look for representation that will.



Do you remember how your teachers used to tell you that those who forgot history were doomed to repeat it. Well they are right and we are doomed unless change is made. First the morality of the republic deteriorates, hmm been there done that. The old empires brought in slaves to do the laborious jobs they didn't want to do, we are now contemplating bringing in guest workers, prett much the same isn't it. What do we produce anymore, cars? no Well steel? no, tvs not in a long time, software no we now have that done in other countries, oh we still make burgers at Mc Donalds. So these braniacs who run the major corporations, if we continue to get rid of our jobs who do they think are going to purchase their goods and services, oh I forgot they don't think that far out only as far as the next shareholders meeting. If you can show me where I am wrong I welcome it cause I would sure like to be this time.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Did you see this?

This Friday, noon to midnight, on I-55 you will see a State Trooper> every 10 miles from St. Louis to Chicago. Tell anyone you wish, it will benefit all.

This sent to me by an ABATE of Illinois member. Is this for safety or is it just a way the state wants to welcome you to the summer. You all know my thoughts on the speed traps they set up all over the place. Here is another reason not to like them officers usually will extend professional courtesy to other officers when they are pulled over, at least they used too. The bottom line is that those same laws that they want to apply to you are not going to apply to them. Is that just? I don't think there is a justice system anymore, it has been replaced by a legal system. The bottom line to you is to be vigilant and hopefully you can keep your money is your pocket.

It wouldn't seem like the state should be needing to write as many tickets right now anyway. I'd think that the increase in the price of gasoline would generate even more taxes for them. In fact the governement probaly gets more money per gallon then anyone else. But it is never enough to feed that beast.

Well I just got back from Geo's Wings in Belleville, IL. If you haven't made it out to this bike night you owe it to yourself to check it out. They have great food and this is an awesome place for smething like this. This weekedn will find us heading to Springfield Illinois for the Mile and the TTs. If you are not up for that this is also the weekend for the Great American Freedom Rally in Buckhorn, MO. This is a fun party and well worth the trip.

Finally let's not forget what this weekend is all about the passing of those that came before us. We can not forget what they did to make this country what it is today. There are many out there that don't understand sacrificing their needs for a greater good, that is a lesson we can all take from them. There are many out there that speak of supporting the troops but in many cases that is empty speech they truly do nothing to support the troops. I used to work with people who thought that it was a service members job to put his life in harms way and no doubt that is part of it but there is very little in the way of fiancial rewards for doing this. Corporate leaders get millions of dollars for shipping jobs overseas or laying off thousands but brave souls who defend the nation make hardly nothing think about it who truly is a greater asset to all of us. I think that is clear. We need to make changes or else bad things will happen to this nation.

Have a great weekend and if you get the opportunity truly do something to support the troops. When I was on actve duty during 2001 - 2002 there were many stories of people buying a meal for a soldier and his party that in a nice gesture or donate something to Jefferson Barracks or make a visit there. If you own a business give a discount to service members, isn;t it amazing that those who need it the least in our society are the ones who get things given them the most.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Smoking Ban in Illinois

As a non-smoker I don't really have a god in this fight but I used to smoke and this is just wrong headed and an action that is going to hurt bars and clubs and those close to neighboring states will be hit particularly bad. This is just another example of people imposing their will on others without thought of the repercussions of their actions. Legislative bodies are made up for the most part of people who have never done an honest days work in their lifetime, never owned a business yet they want to tell others how they should do it. That is like me giving advice on raising children, I've never done it so I truly know nothing about it. Oh I may have some ideas but don't know anything as fact. That said I urge you to please take action and call your represntatives or if you live out of state call a rep that is close by, tell them your tourism dollars will be lost if they don't provide some exemptions to this bill and please read the following.

Action Alert

Exempt Bars & Clubs from Statewide Smoking Ban!!!

The Illinois General Assembly just passed a new law implementing a statewide smoking ban in all businesses effective January 1, 2008-- including bars, fraternal clubs and bowling center lounges.

Right now, there are no exceptions to the ban; however, the gaming riverboats are working hard to be exempted from the statewide smoking ban. We need to generate hundreds of phone calls to legislators insisting bars and fraternal clubs be included with the boats as exemptions to the new statewide smoking ban on House Bill 25.

If you do not act on this, smoking will be permanently banned in bars and fraternal clubs. Experience in Illinois communities that have implemented local smoking bans shows a 40 percent decrease in business once a smoking ban is put in place. Don't let this happen to you. A statewide smoking ban has already passed the Illinois General Assembly. Smoking will be banned in your business as of January 1, 2008-- in just 7 short months. The only way to reverse this is to flood Illinois Senators and Representatives with hundreds of phone calls from hospitality businesses, their employees and customers. This has to be done now-- the legislative session ends in less than two weeks.


Beginning today, and continuing every day until the Illinois General Assembly adjourns – every bar, nightclub, bowling center and fraternal club must generate at least 10 calls to their State Representative and State Senator insisting bars and fraternal clubs be exempted from the new statewide smoking ban.

You can find out who your Illinois Senator and Representative is and their phone number by calling (217) 782-2000 or by going on the Internet to the following web address:

Don't sit idly by and let them ruin your business.Make the phone calls. Thank you

Time of the Month

No not that kind of time of the month but rather the kind that reminds me of my days in college and I had that program coming due and I had no idea how to start on it but somehow it always got done. So you may have guessed it is time for me to get the next issue of the magazine together or as together as it ever gets. And also like those college days an all nighter is probably going to be in order. I told someone today they could sell another ad, as that is what we do here, so we can bring you the best coverage of regional events around. Now it turns out more midnight oil will be needed to Git-R-Done as Larry the Cable Guy says but no doubt it probably will. See even right now I should be putting it together and instead I am soending time blogging. Do you folks ever do that? I don't know wexactly what it is about the way I am wired but until things look really bad, and incredibly dire I don't get motivated.

I had a great time this weekend SEMO was awesome and if you haven't been or id you haven't been since they moved it to the new location you have to check it out. The layout of the place is great and the riding in the area can't be beat unless you just like getting on the Interstates for your riding. I really hated to leave there before the wet t-shirt contest but hey I've seen boobs before and got to see some nice ones while I was there anyway. Butr I had promised I would be in Quincy on Sunday for the ABATE/Kellys' Bike Show up there. They had a good turnout and Quincy is still one of my favorite places to go. Any way I hope your next day and a hlaf is better than mine.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Not Much to rant About

Although I did get a phone call last night that leads me to once again believe at least an occassional soul reads this. Remeber contrary posts are always welcome although sometimes I'm right. Last night was cool went to a meeting for the upcoming Arthritis Foundation Ride, Smash and Twist's Excellent Adventure, then made a quick stop into Bikers Corner because I'd told Dollface I would nbe in last night and get her picture for the magazine but wasn't able to do it.

Then I stopped in at the Bike Night at Geo's Wings in Belleville, IL there was a very nice crowd and a lot of bikes considering that it was a little on the chilled side. You really need to check this out, this is a great venue and lots of fun people are there. Oh the food is good and the wait staff friendly and hard working.

Today I've got big running around to do picking up last minute stories pics and ads for the June issue and then getting ready to head out to SEMO, near Lesterville, MO for the Run What Ya Brung field events and the bike show we sponsored the trophy for the Chopper Class, I'd like to see a bunch of you there and then we leave there early tomorrow evening to head for Quincy and the ABATE Bike Show there on Sunday at Kelly's on Broadway "Always a fun place to Eat and Drink". There are lots of other thing going on this weekend including the customer Appreciation Days at Niehaus I will nbe there this evening for a while and then David Camden from our staff will be there this weekend. John Skala will be covering the Super Motocross for us at Verizon Riverport whatever they call it now.

Those are just a few of the many things to do this weekend, check out the events calendar on our website for more fun idea. Take care, have fun and be safe.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

War in Iraq

Many of the readers of the magazine know I am a Veteran, I served during two wars Dessert Storm and the Global War on Terrorism. At the end of my tour of duty in September of 2002 it was pretty evident that we were going to war in Iraq, I personally thought this was a mistake so when they asked me about staying on I told them "I am a soldier and if you give me orders that says that is what I am to do, I will do it but if you are asking me to volunteer then I am going home." I thought the reasons behind it were a lot more financial than altrusitic. Going after the Taliban and Al-Queda was right. They had attacked us on our home soil and we couldn't allow them to get away with that. Now here we are alomst 6 years later and we still haven't laid our hands on Osama Bin Laden who has most assuredly killed Americans yet Sadam Hussein who was no doubt a bad man but in the shceme of things never did anything to us is dead.

That said many of you may think I would support us pulling out of Iraq. That is not the case at all, we committed to this and now that we are there we need to continue with the job. To do anything else is to do a grave disservice to the Iraqi people and dishonors those who have died in the country. It sounds nice when people talk of bringing the troops home and God knows I wish they could come home. They truly deserve it and they regualrly get screwed over by the leadership of the war and their respective services who sit here in the U.S. while regularly extending private Snuffy's tour of duty over there. This though is not the time to leave Iraq but instead is the time to make sure the job is finished.

We are fighting a war and sometimes that is not pretty. People in Washington and in the Armed Services themselves are handcuffing our soldiers, seaman and airmen by placing stringent rules of engagement on them while our enemies don't care one whit about these things. And they see our concern for issues like this as weakness on our part. We all know this is not true but that doesn't change others perception. When dealing with people you need to deliver your message in a from they will understand and terrorists and extremists do not understand civility they understand brutality. I truly believe that is we offered a herd of 200 goats instead of $25,000,000 dollars for Osama we would have had him along time ago. I believe these people don't understand money they understand a herd of goats though.

One reason people in Washington handcuff are service members hands is so few of them have ever served themselves. It used to be a privilege to serve and most of our presidents had done so until Bill Clinton and now George W. Bush both took steps to avoid serving their country in the military and now are our commanders in chief without having any sense of what they are asking others to do. The same is true of our legislators many of them have never served so they think it is okay to whittle away at Veterans and Retiree Benefits. This is wrong. We need to chaneg things are else the day will come when we don't recognize this country anymore.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This Blog

If you would like to be able to post to this blog send me an email saying so and I can add you so that you to can post your thoughts as long as they stay within certain bounds.

This Week

First I apologize to some of you, I have been told some of my posts ares omewhat cryptic. I do try to protect myself legally at times so that nothing I say here comes back to haunt me. Those to whom I speak know of which I speak.

Well it rained this evening which kind of blew the Two Wheel Tuesday Night at Show-Me's in Fairview Heights but the weather looks awesome for the Wednesday Night Ride, you really owe it to yourself to check this out. Don't forget we leave from Shady Jack's on North Broadway promptly somewhere near 7 This is a group that really rides last week they hit three stops and as light and temps allow will continue to ride. Wednesday is also bike night at Show-Mes on alternate weeks at Show-Me's in Fairview Heights, IL. Thursday leaves several options from Bike Night at Bikers Corner on North Vandeventer to Bike Night at Chuck-A-Burger off 370 and Bike Night at Geo's Wings on West Main in Belleville, IL.

There is lots of cool stuff going on this weekend and hopefully we'll see you around. Late Friday Night we'll head out for SEMO and the Run What Ya Brung Field Events we are a proud sponsor of the Bike show and then Saturday Night we head up to visit our friends in Quincy for the ABATE Bike Show on Sunday at Kelly's in Quincy, IL a fun place to eat and drink and to meet friends old and new.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hardriders this post goes out to you. Google, "Hard Riders Saint Louis" and look at the results. You will find The Biking Life references to you are among the top referrers, not the people who pimp you out for their benefit. Is that what you want from a ride? To be used, seems contrary to the whole biker thing to me.

I invite you to Shady Jack's on North Broadway on Wednesday night for a ride as it should be, no rules, no officers and no dues. What is it that Outback Steakhouse says "No Rules Just Right". You have my personal promise that I will not pimp you out. Many of you know me and know that I am a man of integrity and character. I have grown a business by providing service, not pimping out my friends.

What to do

Good morning there is a lot to do today and for those of you looking for something at the last minute, here are some of them: I am getting ready to leave for TJ's Bar and Grill in Peveley, MO for the start of the Spring Fling Bikers for Babies Run, alittle later I will stop in at Shady Jack's for thier Benefit for Trisha Barker, in addition to everything else this young lady has to endure her father, Sonny passed away last weekend. That will rock till midnight speaking of rocking Double D's Hangout 9853 Broadway will be having their Second Anniversary Festivities going on all day today, stop in and check out their new pole for all you pole dancing women.

Of course tomorrow is Mother's Day, so I auggest you spend one if you can with your mom's are at least give them a call. And keep in your thoughts and prayers the mother, husbands, sons and daughters that are serving our country throughout the world and cannot be with their loved ones on this or any other day. It is easy for a lot of folks to offer platitudes about supporting our troops but I have been one of our troops and seen the hollowness behind those sentiments in a lot of cases.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Upcoming SuperMoto

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Hosts Inaugural
AMA Supermoto Championship on May 19

ST LOUIS (May 7, 2007) – The AMA Supermoto Championship brought to you by Doc’s Harley-Davidson makes its inaugural visit to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on May 19 as some of the world’s top motorcycle racers invade the Gateway City.

The AMA Supermoto Championship is one of the most exciting forms of two-wheel racing, with a unique race course that blends dirt and street sections, combining the physical attributes of supercross, flat track and road racing to form an exciting racing format.

Supermoto is unique due to a combination of pavement and dirt sections, jumps (can be both dirt and steel), and long high-speed straightaways and corners. The course requires a rider to master all types of track surfaces, something of a rarity in today’s specialized motorcycle racing disciplines.

St. Louis-native Matt Pursley leads a long list of competitors that will make their debut at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, formerly UMB Bank Pavilion. Riders include reigning AMA Supermoto Champions Jeff Ward, Cassidy Anderson and Ben Carlson. Pursley, who finished last season in 15th place in the overall standings, will look to improve on his results before a boisterous hometown crowd.

WHAT: The 10-race AMA Supermoto Championship

Gates Open at 10 a.m.
Racing Starts at 5 p.m.

Gates Open at 10 a.m.
Racing Starts at 1 p.m.

WHERE: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, St Louis, MO

WHO: Racers such as Jeff Ward, Kurt Nicoll, Chris Fillmore, Mark Burkhart and many more are expected to be in attendance.

TICKET INFO: Tickets are available online at and at all Ticketmaster outlets, The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, or charge by phone at 314-241-1888.
Weekend Passes: Kids -$12, Adults $35
Saturday Admission: Kids -$8, Adults $25.
Sunday Admission: Kids -$8, Adults $20.

MORE INFO: For more information, visit the race website at For information on the top riders and the race series, visit the AMA Supermoto website at

About Live Nation
Live Nation is the world's largest live music company. Our mission is to inspire passion for live music around the world. We are the largest promoter of live concerts in the world, the second-largest entertainment venue management company and have a rapidly growing online presence. We create superior experiences for artists and fans, regularly producing tours for the biggest superstars in the business, including The Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand, Madonna, U2 and Coldplay. Globally, we own, operate, have booking rights for and/or have an equity interest in more than 160 venues, including House of Blues® music venues and prestigious locations such as The Fillmore in San Francisco, Nikon at Jones Beach in New York and London’s Wembley Arena. Our websites collectively are the second most popular entertainment/event websites in the United States, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. In addition, we also produce, promote or host theatrical, specialized motor sports and other live entertainment events. In 2006, we connected nearly 60 million fans with their favorite performers at approximately 26,000 events in 18 countries around the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Live Nation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol “LYV.”

About AMA Racing
AMA Racing is the competition arm of the American Motorcyclist Association and is the leading sanctioning body for motorcycle sport in the United States. Its professional properties include the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series, the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship presented by FMF, the AMA Superbike Championship presented by Parts Unlimited, the AMA Ford Quality Checked Flat Track Championship, the AMA Supermoto Championship and the AMA Pro ATV Championship. In amateur and pro-am competition, AMA Racing sanctions over 4000 events in 24 different disciplines and supports over 110 thousand active members. For more information about professional racing, visit Accredited media outlets can also access an on line Press Room at For amateur racing information visit

- 30 -

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

You can Leave Posts Too

Hi, I'm not sure if you know it but anyone can make posts to this blog not me and me alone. That would be boring I think if you click on the pencil icon you can do create a post or if you click on the I Power Blogger icon on the right hand side. I would be most intersted to hear other s points of view on a wide range of subjects.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This Week

Wednesday Night is a continuation of that great St Louis tradition the B.A.R. Ride. As always we saddle up at Shady Jack's on north Broadway promptly somewhere near 7 PM. Thursday will find us at Geo's Wings in Belleville, IL though I personally will be making a brief appearance at the South County Hooters to do a quick Bike Shoot. This weekend there is a benefit at Shady Jack's, this is a battle of the bands type event and promises to be big fun, please support this event it is for the daughter of a fellow biker and he passed away last weekend. His name was Sonny Barker.

Also on Staurday is the Annual Spring Fling Ride. This ride will be leaving from TJ's Bar and Grill in Peveley, MO and the proceeds benefit the March of Dimes. There are many other things going on this weekend as well so please check our event calendar and don't forget to say hi to mom on Mother's Day this Sunday.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Court Sucks

I went to court tonight in Arnold over my speeding ticket. It is my turn and the judge asks for my plea, I tell him, Not Guilty but I'd like to get it decided tonight. He says okay your court date is July ??. Why did I have a court date today then, if I wanted to plead guilty I'd have sent them the money and been done with it not wasted my time to go to court to get another court date. That just sucks no wonder people don't show up for court, it is almost like the sytem wants that to happen. What happened to my right to a speedy trial? This alleged speeding incident took place in March, my speedy trial is in July a minimum of 3 and could be as much as 4 months later, is this speedy to these folks. They probably go to the snail races for excitement. I'm out.

The Weekend Past

First off the reports of Shady Jack's downtown location's demise were greatly exaggerated. I was out of town when I received a call telling me it had burned down, it turns out that was untrue. I have now been told it was the old Villa Ridge location.

Our apologies go out to FatBoys in Desoto, MO we had someone on their way to cover their grand opening and Cinco de Motorcycle party but they got lost. Still if you haven't checked this place out yet, you defintely need to, this is one fun place.

Speaking of cool places another one we visited for the first time was Summers by the River in Nixa, MO we were there for the Spring Fling Bike Show. This place is so cool, it sits on the James River and there are nice breezes coming off the river and to top it all off they have Bike Bight every Thursday with lots of specials. Oh and there were a lot of great looking motorcycles in the show and we thank our hosts and Maria the trophy girl.

Sunday we spent some time at the Lake of the Ozarks checking out the Magic Dragon Street Meet Car and Bike Show and then visited with Shaggy and Sheila, some of our new friends and now the newest members of our staff. They are going to represent us at the Lake and we ask you all to support tham in any way you can and to help us welcome them to The Biking Life family.

We also welcome some another new member Terry Tesson, I know this is a good man and a tireless worker. I appreciate all those you are willing to help me out to make this enterprise successful. And as always I thank you because without your support and your support of our advertisers this doesn't happen.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Birds of a Feather

Isn't it amazing that some of the insincere people I referenced earlier in the week, have chosen to fully support plagiarists? I think not, I think it is proof positive of something my mother told me long ago that birds of a feather flock together. With Mother's Day approaching I thank my lucky stars that my mother taught me what was right and wrong at an early age, as well as the way she has almost always supported my in all I do.

This Weekend

Well a little later today we are off to Nixa, MO for the Spring Fling Bike Show, which we are a proud sponsor of. Isn't it amazing that more and more organizations are wanting to be linked to The Biking Life. That is most gratifying because it shows how much you kind folks have taken us into your lives. Even though Joy and I will be out of the Metro area, staff members will be out at all kinds of places this weekend. Everywhere from the NHRA, to TJ's in Peveley, MO for their anniversary party, to Shady Jacks for the benefit there this Saturday to Hot Bike of Quincy for their Open House, to the Magic Dragon Street Meet at The Lake of the Ozarks, yep ain't it true wherever there are motorycles and bikers there is bound to be somewhere there for the magazine. But please continue to help us and let us know about your events and maybe we can help you make them even more successful because it is our goal to be of maximum service to others.

Another thing that recently came to my attention is that FatBoys in Desoto, MO is holding a GrandOpening and Cinco de Mayo Party tomorrow as well. Whatever you do this weekend have fun and arrive alive. I am sure that sometime soon this rain has to end.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

At It Again

Hi folks it must be hell trying to compete with The Biking Life and the awesome support you have given us. I think this because people do strange things to compete. In one instance I learned of today, a person associated with another publication decided that The Biking Life didn't belong in a stand that I had bought and clearly labeled as belonging to The Biking Life and decided that their publication should be there instead. In all probability this was done by somebody that once was a delivery boy for me, and this is just another demonstration of his lack of integrity. I certainly don't miss him.

In another istance one comitted a crime, what crime you may ask to which I would answer plagiary, that is passing off someone else's work as your own. I will be seeking legal counsel on how to proceed in this matter. I reprinted something from American Iron, however before I did that I contacted the editor and got their permission to do so. That is how things should be done, others however just think they can steal others words and pass them off as their own.

Ride 4 Arthritis

Hello, we have just spent a very busy weekend which took us to Gateway International Raceway for the Harley Drags and the best damn bike show this town has seen in a while, that was of course The Biking Life Magazine Bike Show . We also had someone attend almos all the other events in the area with a few exceptions.

I know I posted this event before on the blog but thought I would like to once again extend an invitation to all of you to either take part on this ride, as a member of one of the teams or to make a donation on your own to the Arthritis Foundation, and those of you who work some corporations may be able to double your contribution if your company has a matching program. Arthritis does not just affect the more mature in our population it also affects children and people no matter where they are in the life cycle. It is because of this that alomst all of us no someone who has arthritis and see the pain and suffering it causes in their lives. So I ask you once again to help others and get an opportunity to ride your motorcycle and have fun.Howdy folks I have a favor to ask of you. I am once again involved with the Ride 4 Arthritis and this year's event promises to be the best ever. I have also been chosen to captain a team. My request is that as many of you as can please sign up for my team to do this you need to visit: on the left hand side of the page is a team ranking and if you click on the The Biking Life team you can join it. I would like to see a lot of The Biking Life supporters out there. If you sign up online and pre-register for the event. I will sell you a t-shirt for 7.50 or half of the usual price. I think it would be very cool to see a bunch of us wearing magazine t-shirts taking part in this ride. Just send me an email after you sign up if you want the t-shirt.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Insincere People

Do you know people like this? Whenever they see you it is like you are their best long lost friend and yet when they get an opportunity to put that into action, it doesn't happen. Boy I hope I never get like that, although I think my mother and father taught me a whole lot better than that and so it is unlikely. My tongue and now that I'm doing this on a somewhat regular basis my fingers may get me in trouble but there will be little doubt as to where people stand with me.

If any of you all see me being that fake call me on it please. The magazines are almost all out now and by tomorrow night the mailings will be done. Then it is off to Nixa, MO for the Spring Fling Bike Show, which we are a proud sponsor of. Isn't it amazing that more and more organizations are wanting to be linked to The Biking Life. That is most gratifying because it shows how much you kind folks have taken us into your lives.

Even though Joy and I will be out of the Metro area, staff members will be out at all kinds of places this weekend. Everywhere from the NHRA, to TJ's in Peveley, MO for their anniversary party, to Shady Jacks for the benefit there this Saturday to Hot Bike of Quincy for their Open House, yep ain't it true wherever there are motorycles and bikers there is bound to be somewhere there for the magazine. But please continue to help us and let us know about your events and maybe we can help you make them even more successful because it is our goal to be of maximum service to others.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Issue

THe May issue should be available on line very soon. Till then you can now find it at most of your favorite places to pick it up. If I could ask a favor please let these business owners know how much you appreciate them having it at their place. That way we can all help each other. I am about to leave to continue with the delivery but by tonight should have the lion's share done and then may be heading to the Show-Mes in Fairiview Heights for their Two Wheel Tuesday Night, then tomorrow is the B.A.R. Ride which leaves out of Shady Jack's promptly somewhere near 7 PM and then Thursday is the first Bike Night of the year at Geo's Wings and More on West Main in Belleville, IL. We are excited to be a part of all these fun evenings and look forward to seeing all of you out there.