Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello Readers and Friends

I have a favor to ask of you. I am once again getting reports that some of my competitors like having their publications in racks without having to buy the racks. One in particular, if you see other publications in racks with The Biking Life labels will you please let me know and if you would be so kind please place our publication in its rightful place. Thank you this helps us but it truly is wrong it is a behavior I do not engage in nor would I condone and is another example of how my competitors roll.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thanks and the week ahead in motorcycling

First this past weekend was very busy what with the goings on at Ted's Motorcycle World they once again outdid themselves in showing the way they appreciate their customers. Then Sunday was Rips BAD(Bikers Against Diabetes) Ride this started at several locations including the Gateway to the West Harley Davidson and was successful.

The other ride on Sunday was the Hartbauer/McBride Foundation Poker Run and I personally thank all of you who came out to support this ride. This is one I am truly committed to and know I appreciate your support as do all of the board members.
Well today starts another cycle of motorcycle events in the area, usually tonight I would be at Show-Me's tonight however I think in just a little while magazines will be delivered so I may make a brief appearance but can't really stay long so I can start getting The Biking Life in your hands.

Thanks for reading this let me know what you think or if you have something you want to see addresses and I'll try to do a little better in posting.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Feasting on Asphalt Comes Through St Louis

The most recent episode of Feasting on Asphalt on the Food Network shows Alton Brown and his crew riding their motorcycles through Alton and St Louis on their way up the river road to Quincy. This episode will be shown again at 7:00 PM on Wed 8/29, 2:00 AM Thursday 8/30, 3:00 PM on Saturday 9/1 and 6:00 PM on Sunday 9/2. For more info you check out Alton Brown's web site at
or on the Food Network web site at

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hartbauer/McBride Poker Run

Finally Sunday is the day for the Hartbauer/McBride Foundation's Annual Poker Run. Pick your starting point either Gateway to the West or Frieze Harley Davidson but please come out and support this great cause. I am planning on riding out of Frieze's but will be running late. Oh that is a big surprise isn't it. The ride ends at Crehan's on North Belt west in Belleville and that is always a fun place to go. Please come out and support this ride. They really need you help to continue to provide the help they do to bikers and their families in need.

Parrothead Bike Night

TNT Harley Davidson from Quincy Illinois invites you to come out and celebrate summer with them with their annual Parrothead Street Party in downtown Quincy. This is a fun night and make sure you say hi to Joy and I cause we never miss this event.

I have been a slacker

Hi folks and please accept my apologies I haven't posted anything in a while but now things are back to normal or as normal as they ever get around here. I did make it to Geo's Bike Night last night and it was awesome plans are underway for an end of bike night gala event on October 6th that will feature vendors, live music and a lot more watch for more on this.

I got quite an eyeful on the way home last night, an SUV full of young hotties took notice of The Biking Life motorcycle and its owner. They were smiling and waving and the like and when I gave the univeral sign for show your tits they did. In my book that makes it a good night and a great way to celebrate my birthday eve. Yep I am nother ear older now but I am sure no smarter than I was yesterday.

There is a bunch of cool stuff going on this weekend and it starts tomorrow with Ted's Motorcycle World in Alton and their Customer Appreciation Day and if you haven't made it to one you owe it to yourself. Also in conjunction with this event is their world famous Bike Show and the accompanying cash prizes we hope to see you there.

Friday, August 10, 2007

This Weekend in Motorcycling

This weekend there are a couple of big runs going on one is the Festus HOG Chapter Poker Run on Saturday. It leaves from Surdyke's Harley Davidson in Festus, MO and will stop in at TJ's Bar and Grill during the day.

Sunday there is an Alton HOG Poker Run and sign up is from 11:30 to 1:30 at Ted's Motorcycle World in Alton, IL.

Also on Saturday if your bike is a little on the dirty side or you like to check out pretty girls then stop by Bikes, Trikes and Trailers 1110 N Truman in Crystal City, MO where for a fee The Biking Life Beauties will wash your bike and you can check out the latest riding gear from EasyRiders and some of the best motorcycle deals around.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Racing at Belle Clair Race Track

As I said in an earlier post there is racing on Thursday Night at Belle-Clair Race Track at the St. clair County Fairgrounds in Belleville, Il Thursday Night. This is always a fun time and it is a great way to get a taste of what events like the upcoming Mile in springfield, IL over Labor Day Weekend is like. We are going to try and be tthere although as always we will be in attendance in the form of the Kevin Miller Racing Team which we sponsor.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This Week in Motorcycling

Hi folks we have the normal array of good times on two wheels this week. It all starts tonight at Show-Me's in Fairview Heights, IL where young lovelies like the one pictured will serve you 10 wings for $3 and they also have a great deal on longnecks come out and join us on the deck. Wednesday all the BAR Riders head out to Shady Jack's to see what great ride Paul have laid out for us, these are the local riders that, well ride and they are able to do this without fees/dues, officers or rules, amazing they probably don't even use a net either.

Thursday brings dirt track racing to the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds in Belleville, IL this fun event is great to watch and you don't have to go far to get introduced to this type of motorcycle racing or get to check it out again. Thursday the increasingly popular Bike Night at Geo's Wings will be happening as well. Geo's is on West Main in Belleville and you will see a lot of your friends here. Take care and hopefully we'll see you at some of these places.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Feasting on Asphalt is Back

Alton Brown and crew are back riding their bikes on the back roads finding interesting place places to eat. This is the second season of the TV show, Feasting on Asphalt, on the Food Network. This time they following the Mississippi river from south to north. Their commercials show them stopping in Alton, IL. New episodes are shown on Saturday night and then repeated throughout the week. Check the web site for show times.

Yesterday and Today

Good morning looking for something to do today then here are a couple of suggestions one there is a bike show at TJ's Bar and Grill in Pevely, MO. There is also a poker run for ABATE leaving out of the Runway Lounge in Bethalto, IL on Hwy 140.
Yesterday was warm but it didn't stop The Biking Life from checking out a couple of events one was a poker run for Multiple Sclerosis put on by Jody from Jody's Sports Stop on Inn in Highland, IL. If you didn't make it you missed a great run but Jody almost always has something going on for this organization so please help her and you will always have fun at her place. Thanks to a nice contingent of Motorheads who showed up to support this ride. Then we headed over to White City to check out the Hill climb the action was fun and they had a very nice crowd. Watch the blog and also our coming events for the next one. We also saw friends Mike Case, Tony Miller and some of the staff from JMP cycles.

Friday, August 3, 2007

This Week and the Upcoming Weekend

This has been a busy week for us what with delivering magazines and getting to the numerous events we attend every week. Although I did miss Show-Me's on Tuesday because of family stuff and the Wednesday night ride from Shady Jack's although I did go the week before and Paul ready did a great job incorporating the ferry ride into our journey. But that is what you get when you ride always an adventure and remember this is done without dues, officers or rules and you know where it starts without going out of your way to find out and the destination, well only a trusted few know that.
Saturday is Jody's in Highland, IL and the Hayrakes annual MS Poker Run. This is a great charity that Jody is always behind if you are looking for something to do this weekend I recommend this. Then on Sunday Jireh Motorcycle is partnering with TJs Bar and Grill hwys 61/67 and Z in Pevely, MO for a bike show and ABATE of Illinois is hosting a poker run that will start at the Runway Lounge on Hwy 140 in Bethalto, IL check out the website for more details.
If you are leaving for Sturgis have a great time and arrive alive. There is some awesome riding in that area and always lots to do. Check out the Jack Pine Gypsies events if you get the chance these guys are the founders of the Black Hills Rally.