Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Week in Motorcycling

Well here it is already Wednesday. Last night I ran into a new friend of mine Dave Perry at Show-Me's we had a nice talk and tried caling Tony but when I did aprank on Tuesday he hung up on me. I deserved it though. Tonight I am just hanging at the house and then tomorrow the magazine will be delivered and me and some of my trusted friends will be out delivering. I still plan on hitting Bike Night at Geo's Wings on W Main St in Belleville, IL for while and to maybe shoot a little video hopefully we'll see some of you there.

This weekend we will be in Columbia, MO for Roctoberfest, okay it is a little early but that is the way the weekends fall. There is also BullFest 2007 going on at the Sit-N-Bull in New Memphis, IL. This is a cool place and owner Stan will make sure you have a good time during his anniversary party.

oOn the 29th the STL Streetdreamz are having a Birthday bash for Bad-Boy at Shday Jack's and the Skyriders are having their Annual Rodeo near the junction of Hwy 140 and Hwy 4 in Illinois. All of these promise to be a great time so hopefully we'll see you at some of these. Oh I almost forgot Daturday Night there is also a charity rodeo at Doit's Village Inn in Pontoon Beach, IL.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Howdy my motorcycle riding friends and those that don't

I have just finished another full issue of the magazine. Man I had a lot of stuff, I could have really filled two magazines so if you don't see something look for it in the next issue. The weekends are really full.

Tomorrow Don's Speed Shop is the sign up spot for the People Helping People Poker Run. This promises to be a fun ride through Jefferson County and there is also the Fish Ride which will leave from the Cedar Hill VFW Post. I need to look that up tonight.

Sunday is the Thunder Alley Swap Meet and I think they are going to have some new and unique vendors this time as well as all our regular favorites. I hope you have a great weekend and watch for information on our upcoming bike show this promises to be the regions event of the year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bo Knows Motorcycle Magazines

Local radio personality Bo Matthews pimping The Biking Life Magazine. You can catch Bo every afternoon from 2 to 7 on Wil 92.3 FM.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I Am Outraged

I was listening to the news this evening and there was a story that there would no longer be a live bugle player at our nation's service member funerals. It seems the $25 to $50 cost for having a live bugler was too high a price to pay to honor one last time, a person that gave their life in service to our nation. Lets see $50 or one's life, who paid the greater cost. I think that is totally apparent and demonstrates once again how much the government cares for those who have served it. It is high time that we as a people get our values back in line or things will only continue to get worse.

Support Your Furry Friends

The 3rd annual Hogs for Dogs ride is on Saturday. This ride benefits Stray Rescue of St Louis.
They will be having 4 stops and a live band at the last stop. Also, they will again be selling Hogs For Dogs III T-shirts and tank tops and also Hogs For Dogs coolie-cups and other cool Stray Rescue Merchandise AND free helmet stickers.
Registration will be from 10 a.m. -11 a.m. at Memoreze Bar at 2924 Telegraph Road St. Louis, Mo. 63125 in Franview Plaza #314-487-0818.
They will have free bar munchies for all of you early registers. Cost this year is $20.00/per rider + $5.00 for each additional rider. Ride out promptly at 11:15 a.m.-rain or shine. They will have a 50/50 Raffle, Stuffed Husky Harley Dog Raffle and lots of great attendance prizes! See Flyer for more details at

Ride For Kids is This Sunday

The Ride For Kids which supports the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation has been moved to St Charles Community College.

The ride starts and ends at the college. Registration is 8:00 - 9:45 AM. The police-escorted ride leaves at 10:00 sharp.

For more information on this very worthwhile organization that was started by bikers and is funded mainly through these rides across the country, visit their web site.

Foundation Web Site

Ride Web Site

If You're Going To The Lake

A quick word to the wise if you are planning to enjoy this great riding weather at the Lake of The Ozarks area. Several motorcyclists have been spotted pulled over by the local mounties in Osage Beach in separate incidents. No cars were seen stopped, just motorcycles. Not sure what the reason was for the stop. Speeding? Noise? Sobriety? Or just plain harassment?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lots Going On

Hi folks sorry I haven't been keeping up with this real actively lately but I'll try and do better. This is once again a busy weekend it starts tonight with some of the local bike night things like the one at Geo's Wings and More in Belleville, or Bikers Corner to name just a couple.

Then the weekend starts tomorrow (Friday) night with the St Clair County ABATE Progressive Dinner Ride sign up for this fun ride is at Falling Springs from 6:30 to 7:30. The Illinois American Legion Riders are holding their state rally at the airport in Mt Vernon, Illinois this should be cool. The Shriner's Ride is on Sunday and there are a ton of other things going on. Like Frieze Harley Davidson Grand Opening on Saturday they have a lot of cool stuff planned for that. The 100 MPH Club is holding their annual rodeo for the Children's Burn Camp this is awesome and for a good cause. I hope that whatever you do you have fun and I'll write more soon.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Hello to my fellow motorcyclists and workers

I want to wish each and everyone of you a happy Labor Day. Labor Day was a creation of the labor movement. It is a celebration of the contributions that American workers have made to this country. Some of us have lost the meaning of the holiday. I was talking to someone the other day and I referred to the holiday as a workers day and they didn't understand so I explained.

It seems like there needs to be a new labor movement in this country, it seems like corporations are once again abusing workers. It is not like the old days it is a more subtle abuse, they have moved all the manufacturing jobs overseas. I fell for the corporate line back then but now I have seen it was just the first wave. Then they are moving information technology jobs across the water, and customer service it is rare to call a business and get anyone to talk to and if you want to speak to someone whose natural language is English well good luck.

Even the cops will be losing their jobs before too long. I think they don't realize it but if they have all these cameras then why will they need officers. The cameras will catch people running lights oh and in Illinois they can issue speeding tickets by camera soon they won't need speed traps because they will just have the cameras on duty 24/7.

We do need a new labor movement to keep jobs in the country and to keep our country strong.