Thursday, September 25, 2008

Belle Clair Swap Meet

I have told a few of you who wear colors that the Swap Meet was going to be open to people flying their colors this Sunday. Now at the last minute I have learned that despite the best efforts of many including me and the magazine, a scant few have ruined this for everyone. If the initial reports I'm hearing are true, this group has been involved in at least 3 altercations on the east side this year. And have cost business supporters of the motorcycle community untold amounts of money. I believe many of you know I am a supporter of those that fly colors, no matter their affiliation. These run from the CMA to the 1%, I have attended your events and presented you always in the best light. I have spoken up for you, not that you necessarily needed me to, since the magazine's start. But we must all practice some restraint and realize that what we do not only reflect on ourselves but on all who ride on two wheels. So the long and the short of it is that I have been told that because of the actions of a few the swap meet is back to being no-colors.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let's Talk Bailout or Corporate Welfare

Yep, That is exactly what that is corporate welfare. I can't claim the name no one of the first I heard use it is the former governor of Minnesota Jesse "The Brain" Ventura. Why does the average working person get $600 if they worked enough last year as part of an economic stimulus package but the rich bastards who made bad loans and all kinds of bad business decisions, get their parachutes. Plus the institutions they plunder get on average about $2800 for every man woman and child in this country. That number maybe be a little high. My assumptions were based on $700 billion divided by 250 million people. I now think the population may be a little higher but the number would still be around $2300. And that would be for everybody that lives in the country not just those who met some minimum qualification for income.

This is just another example of the rich taking care of their rich brothers. Hey when I screw up nobody comes and bails me out. I have to figure a way out the mess I created on my own. But not others this year I have watched the government come to the aid of people who bought houses they could not afford, instead of rewarding those of us who live in a prudent manner and now this.

I am pissed off and you should be to. Companies these days are led by accountants who say we can make more money right now if we send jobs overseas, especially us that are running the businesses because they don't try to look down the road some and see what may be looming. The days of the person that started out at a low level and learned a business from the ground up are gone so the world is now being run by accountants and those of you who think lawyers are part of the problem why don't you look at what accountants have done.

But truly let your elected officials know you are pissed off at the bailing out all these poorly run institutions and tell them it is time to start looking out for the people in this country.

Ride For Kids Raises over $70,000

The seventh annual St. Louis Ride for Kids® raised $70,159 on a clear, crisp morning in Cottleville, Mo. St. Charles Community College hosted the 325 supporters, many of whom toured the area's lush green countryside with a police escort.
The top individual fundraisers were the David Piel Family of Troy, Mo., who brought $7,500. GWRRA MO-Z members raised $9,925 to make it the top club/chapter. They were closely followed by B.O.B. (Brian Ott’s Bikers), who brought $9,903. The top motorcycle business, with $12,670 in customer contributions, was Niehaus Cyles of Litchfield, Ill.
Sam Clary of Troy, Mo., won the grand prize, a new Honda motorcycle.
Many thanks went to the event's task force leaders, Greg Hoette, Norm and Angie Riekena, John and Lorrie Lehmann, and Charlie and Shirley Barnett. Along with a wonderful crew of volunteers, they gave the kids a day to remember.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Value your Opinion and Ask Your help

If you should go into a place where you have found our magazine in the past and you don't see it there now please let the owner know what you think of the magazine and of course we always welcome what you think of the job we are doing so please let us know too whether by posting a comment here or sending us an email. Thanks for visiting and we'll see you soon I think you are really going to like the October issue once again we deliver an interview with a luminary of the motorcycle world like only we do.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Motorcycle Stuff This Sunday

There are a bunch of events going tomorrow if Mother Nature doesn't intervene. There is of course the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Ride, mentioned below this is a great ride for a noble cause. Then there is the Shriner's Ride and Bike Show, the bike show will be run by The Biking Life and promises to be a good one. Come on down to Gateway to the West HD to sign up for both the ride and the bike show. I look forward to seeing you here. Then these is also the Poker Run leaving from Midway Bar and Grill outside Ste Genevieve this looks like a very cool ride and will if the rivers are not too high incorporate a ferry ride. We invite you to join Biking Life staffers at this ride and last but not least there is a Bike Show at TJ's Bar and Grill hwys 61/67 and Z in Pevely, MO and we all know what fun those are. Whatever you do have a great Sunday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ride For Kids - This Sunday - For The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

The St. Louis Ride for Kids® on Sunday, Sept. 21, leaves from: St. Charles Community College, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. ,Cottleville, MO 63376

Registration opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 9:45. The police-escorted road ride starts at 10 a.m. following a riders' meeting, rain or shine!

The ride will loop back to St. Charles Community College. After a light lunch, participants will enjoy a Celebration of Life program that features interviews with young brain tumor survivors the Ride for Kids® "stars" of the day. Award presentations to top fundraisers will follow.

The minimum donation to ride is $35, but the more money you raise, the more premiums you earn. For each $300 you raise, your name will be entered into a drawing for a brand-new Honda motorcycle! For more information, call 800-253-6530

Friday, September 12, 2008

Report from the Lake

The West Side Rally centered on Captain Ron's is in full swing and is of course Biker Friendly welcoming all. That means you will find The Biking Life magazine. However I have received reports that a well publicized local campground is in reality only "Biker Money Friendly". That is right, my patch wearing brothers and sisters are not welcome there, but that is the site that others are calling home. If you are heading to the Lake we hope to see you and I know you know which magazine is truly biker friendly. Remember we were the ones who issued a warning last year about the cops here which proved right. The Biking Life is here because we care about you and the advertisers that make this all possible, too bad not everyone can say that.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Motorcycle stuff this Weekend

Hello Y'all, My apologies for kind of slacking a little here lately. I would like to invite all of you to Geo's Wings for the areas hottest and largest Bike Night. Come and bring your appetite they have great food and there are some awesome people here. Next I want to remind you of the Bike Night at Fatboy's in De Soto, Mo on Friday night. I know many of you have gone to Alton to enjoy the food at Fast Eddie's well I guarantee you this place gives them a run for their money on price and quality. Finally the West Side Rally at the Lake of the Ozarks looks like great fun and will be centered on Captain Ron's in Sunrise Beach. I hope to see you there. Lastly here are some other events going on in the region:

10th - 14th Emminence MO Scenice Rivers Run Motorcycle Rally
for more info visit

12th St. Clair ABATE Friday Night Dinner Ride
Sign-up at Crehan's 6-7 pm ($10) with a ride to Gallagher's

13th Ride For the Cause
sign up at Gateway HD starting at 9 benefits St Gamma Center for Autism

13th Mid-Coast Bikers Poker Run
sign up Geo's Wings 4307 West Main St Belleville, IL from 11 to noon

14th Salty Dawgs Fall Poker Run
sign up at Berkshire Inn in Alton, IL from 11 to 1 PM

Friday, September 5, 2008

Motorcycle Stuff this Weekend

There are a number of things going on this weekend starting tonight in DeSoto, MO with Fatboys Bike Night. In Southeastern MO this is the Macho Blowout to Benefit Veterans. A 9-11 remembrance ride known as Torches Across America will be in Troy, IL this evening. The Southern Illinois Start Riders are holding their Annual poker Run for BACA Saturday sign up is at the Collinsville, IL at the American Legion Post and there are a couple of runs leaving from TJ's Bar and Grill on Sunday one is Big Bills Ride and the other is one of the bars fun and famous State Park Rides. If you haven't been on one of these you owe it to yourself to go. Below is a further list of things to do:

4th-7th Macho Blowout
at Hog heaven Motorcycle Campground Patterson, MO for more info call (573) 545-4591

5th Torches Across America
this is a cross country ride to commemorate 9-11 check the blog for info on riding in with them to the Collinsville VFW

5th-7th Biker Farm 08
ABATE Southeast region Party call (217) 868-5002 for info

6th Southern Illinois Star Riders
sign up from 11 to 1 at the Collinsville, Il American Legion benefits BACA

6th Downtown Jacksonville IL Bike Show
on the plaza great show sign up from 9:30 to noon

6th Cycle Saturday
with Lone Star Steakhouse and some great local bands

6th Benefit Poker Run for Moochie
also bike show and wash sign up at Full Moon Saloon in Caseyville, IL at noon

6th St. Clair and Backroads ABATE Bike Show
at Shiloh Picnic Sign-up 1-4 (FREE) 7 classes. For more info call 618-201-1672

7th Dream Weavers Fall Rodeo
sign up at Teds Motorcycle World on Humbert in Alton, IL from 10 to noon

7th 11th Annual New Baden DARE Benefit Ride
Registration from 9:30 to 11 at City Park for info call (618) 304-5945

7th Hawk Point Heritage Day Motorcycle Show
Hawk Point Community Park 10 to 6 PM by Chariots of Fire

7th TJs Bar and Grill State Park Ride
sign up from 10 to 11 at TJs bar and Grill Hwys 61/67 and Z in Pevely, MO

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Motorcycles on TV

The FX Network has added a new show about a fictional motorcycle club called Sons of Anarchy. It started this past Wednesday, but has an encore showing of the pilot episode on Sunday. I haven't seen it yet, but wonder what image the non-motorcycle riding public will draw from this?

Also back on Sunday on the Food Network is Alton Brown. However, this season he traded his bike for a boat. He is Feasting on Waves instead of Feasting on Asphalt. The Food Network also shows Iron Chef Michael Symon riding his Harley at the beginning of each episode on Dinner Impossible.