Friday, December 28, 2007

Supercross is Coming Back to St Louis

Supercross Preview on TV Saturday 12/29
CBS (channel 4 in St Louis) @ 3:00 PM. This is a preview of the upcoming Supercross season. Supercross will be at the Edward Jones Dome on April 19. One good source for great seats and free pit passes is Donelson Cycles. If you want to read more about last years Supercross, click on the past issues link above, navigate to the April 2007 issue and take a look at both of the Supercross articles. For more info go to

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

All of us associated with The Biking Life magazine would like to wish all of our readers and anyone else who happens upon this website the Merriest of Christmases and for many blessings in the year to come. We thank you for your support the years and value our friendships with all we share the road with.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Biking Life 2007 DVD

Hello my motorcycle riding friends. If you have been unable to get out to one of our DVD Release parties, and I can understand why the weather didn't cooperate much with our dates but still a lot of you did come out. I would like to take a minute to remind you that you can also buy it here on our website.

Just click on the image on the home page and be sure to specify that you want the 2007 DVD unless you want the 2006 version or better yet both. We will get it in the mail to you as soon as possible. Oh one last thing the image on the home page still features the cover from last year's DVD which is why I ask you to be sure and specify the 2007 edition. Thanks again and I hope to see you all soon and also Merry Christmas and may you kick ass in the New Year.

Here is another way to help out during the Christmas Season

This was sent to me today and I know that one of the local HOG Chapters supports this. It is either Gateway or Festus and I apologize for not knowing which one.

Personal Message from "Rick Wassman-Ride On St Louis":Help Ride On St Louis, by voting (it's free) on our story for our contest entry on We have an excellent chance to win $50,000 that will help with our 2 year list to help our disabled children at our therapy program!! Not very many entries in this contest; however the contest ends soon!! Please take 5 minutes to help our cause and Ride On St Louis win $50,000.Thanks so much, with your help we cab better serve the disabled riders in our program.

Call me directly at 314-616-7817 if you have any questions.
Bix Contest:Most Inspirational Stories of Giving
Entry Title:Ride On St. Louis - Equine Assisted TherapyEntered By:gaasusanEntry URL:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Am a Bad Bad Boy and I Apologize to Mel and Shar and Diamond Jim

You may not know Mel and Shar but no doubt you have seen them pull those awesome wheelies on their dresser, the same may be said of Diamond Jim with those monster apes and the fishtails. It seems I've done a disservice to all of these folks. Two years in a row we have put a picture on our DVD cover and then not had the bike in it. I am truly sorry.

This year I even compounded the mistake by emailing Shar and telling her they were definitely on the DVD and they were but at the end a cut was made and the repercussions of that cut were not fully seen at the time. This is my magazine and the DVD has my name on it and I am sorry that things happened as they did.

Jim Furey

Friday, December 14, 2007

More Motorcycle Stuff to do this Weekend

Hi all please accept my apologies I written anything real meaningful here lately. a couple of reasons for that one I don't want to get my ass in any legal trouble and two hey it is Christmas time and everyone is busy including me your friendly, neighborhood motorcycle magazine publisher. There is not a great deal of stuff going on this weekend that I am aware of but there is however two more The Biking Life 2007 DVD Release Parties one is this evening at the infamous Jack's Iron Horse Bar and Grill on the St Charles Rock Rd, fun starts around 7 PM and goes to who knows when. This is a great opportunity to check out our DVD and get one for yourself or anyone else that rides as a stocking stuffer. Here is a little tease there is an interview with a nationally known bike builder and as you have seen the builders all talk to me.

Then we will do it all again on Saturday Night at the Cellar Room on North Broadway in Alton, IL in addition to all the stuff that will happen at Jack's on Friday the Cellar Room also offers there own special brand of entertainment. I hope to see you at one of these events and if I don't see you before the Holidays please enjoy and be safe so that we can all enjoy another year of riding together.

Friday, December 7, 2007

This Weekend in Motorcycles and Stuff

Lots going on this weekend as we get ready for Christmas. First the benefit at the Wolf's Den in New Athens that was going to be to help folks deal with the aftereffects of the fire at Gallagher's and then when some people thought that wasn't cool so it became a benefit for one of Sheila and our favorites the March of Dimes, but even that didn't work for some, has been cancelled so it will not be held Saturday night. That was just like Sheila though to take an event that adversely affected her and others and she tried to turn it into something that benefits others.

Saturday Doc's Harley Davidson is having their Christmas sale and party. Some of The Biking Life staff members will be here so when you see us say hi. Then Saturday night the place to be in TJ's Bar and Grill in Pevely, MO for the first of our DVD Release parties we have distributed a few copies already and they have met with success. This will be one of your first chances though to get your own and they make great Christmas gifts.

Sunday Ted's Motorcycle World in Alton, IL is having their annual Christmas shindig and one of the local heroes of the motorcycle world will be Santa Claus now that his beard has grown back. I hope to see you at one or all of these places and if not Happy Holidays.