Saturday, January 31, 2009

Leaps Tall Buildings With A Single Bound

Check out how Robbie Maddison spent his New Years Eve in Vegas.

Motorcycle Swap Meet March 28th, 2009

Have I told you that on March 28th, 2009 in Collinsville, IL there will be the first of many swap meets sponsored by The Biking Life and Chopper Chairs. These will be events where all bikers are welcome. Yes even my patch wearing brethren. I hope to see some good support from various clubs because making sure you can wear your colors is one of our motivations to staging this. I know some of the clubs think I don't support them enough and that may be true but I ask you this who supports any club or club activities more. Maybe your events haven't been in the magazine yet but we have a large backlog of stories that haven't been published.

I digress though the vendor spots are filling up fast and the event is creating a buzz this is going to be one event you do not want to miss this spring. We are making sure that prices are reasonable for vendors as well as attendees. I hope to see you there and tell oh about 2,000 or your friends to join you. Thanks for your support.

For more info visit


Thursday, January 29, 2009

70,000 More

That is right this past Monday another 70,000 job cuts were announced. How do people sleep at night. The sad fact to is that the folks who order the layoff add nothing typically to the value of a product. They don't make it and in many cases don't know much about it. All they know is that in their eyes people are no longer that but are now assets to be assigned value.

Somehow that task of assigning value to assets has become more important than the task of making something of tangible value. It is people like that are destroying the country but unfortunately they or their friends are also the people running the country.

Who do they think are going to buy their products or services after all the jobs have been shipped overseas. Well that is simple by that time they will have plundered the company and moved on. Bragging about how they cut costs. Gone forever are the days when someone started at the lowest levels of a company learned the business and then moved up. Today the story is go to college learn some theories from a college professor who has never done anything and then apply them to real life.

We need better values.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have a question and more pics

First we are at it again adding more events to our pictures page. Which is cool I think and hope you do to. My question is, well there are maybe a couple or three, one do you feel like the pages load to slow? Two, and this is somewhat related, if you saw one that you really liked what you try and print it? Some of the full size images are good size but we could make them smaller but then printing them at any size would make the image quality not very good. Also I have always thought that more pictures is what you wanted to see on this website is that true? If not what would you like to see on the website? Thanks Jim

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures and Vehicular Safety

My gosh those crazy guys at the magazine are at it again they are adding even more picture galleries to the website. How can such a small crew get to so many places in one year; because we are dedicated and we like what we do. Oh and my wife supports me by doing more than just showing up, she is an advocate.

Another thing, I know how concerned the Illinois State Troopers are about our safety. They have safety checkpoints all the time you know. Yet, last night when I was driving home where were these guardians of safety. Hell if I know, I sure didn't see any unlike last week on those clear and dry nights when I saw them all over the place pulling people over.

I truly believe that all "law enforcement" vehicles should now have instead "tax collectors" on the side of their cars. In fact MSNBC has a story on their website about just that. See I am occasionally right. I would also suggest that in the truest sense this is taxation without representation and as such in the words of our forefathers is wrong. In fact I think they took up arms against their oppressors. I am not suggesting that we take up arms but I think we need to once again make our representatives accountable. These law enforcement agencies do their bidding so lets make the elected officials do our bidding.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Let it Snow... Let it Snow... Let it Snow

Just add the Explorer conversion kit to your bike and keep on riding.
Check out the crazy Canadians at the A D Boivin web site

Motorcycle Daytona Bike Week

I know we are about to get socked by some ugly weather and that truly sucks but think about this Daytona Bike Week will be starting just one month from tomorrow. That is right even though the weather is lame today it will not be long until we will be cruising our scoots in the warm sunshine. But you know this is a great time to get your bike into the local dealership and getting that enhancement you've been thinking about or putting that down payment on that new bike for the season. Or visiting your local independent shop for a little maintenance so that you can ride trouble free this summer. If you don't have a favorite wrench check out the magazine I have heard good things about all the shops we have as advertisers. Tell them to that you heard about them through The Biking Life. And if Daytona Bike Week is only a month off that can only mean one thing only two months until the first of many Midwest Motorcycle Swap Meets. The date for that is March 28th in Collinsville, IL visit the website for more info. And oh yeah colors are allowed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I think you should try this

This is something that somebody did to me here recently. I am not sure if it will work for him or not but maybe it will work for you. Say go into a restaurant and bar and order steaks, beers, shots and whatever else you want. Then because the owner did not sit down at the table with you, when your bill comes pay half and say that this is all you think you owe. See if that works for you. That is how someone reacted to their bill, I am sure their reaction to someone doing that to them would not be a pleasant one.

What would Def Leopard Say

Oh yeah "All I Have Is a Photograph" well we don't have just a photograph we have a lot of photographs in just the past few days we have added 20 or more galleries of pictures from 2008 and we are not finished yet. You see representatives of The Biking Life everywhere and it is my goal to get as many pictures up on this website as soon as possible. I will not bore you with how many pictures I take every year. I take enough but I would rather talk to you guys and just hang out with all of you my friends.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Motorcycle Event Pictures

I'm going crazy folks there are even more new, kind of, pictures out on the web. Take your time browse the pics and please click on a hyperlink or two.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Pictures on the Web Site

My good friend and supporter John sent me an automated way to post pictures on the web site months ago. I have just recently started looking at it and figuring it out. It is pretty nice and I have used it to create two new galleries of photos one is from the 2008 SEMO field events and the other is from this past year's Run for the Wall. In the coming days I hope to get more pictures posted to make your visits more enjoyable. Thanks for visiting.

A New Beginning

I know that was the title of one of the Star Wars episodes but as I sit here this morning and watch television and the goings on surrounding the Inauguration of Barrack Obama I somehow can't help but believe that is what we stand on the verge of.

I know that one man cannot change things all by himself but yet he already has in some ways. His very election is something that I didn't think I would see at least not yet. The way he touched people from all over during his campaign and now the throngs that are in Washington to witness his Inauguration is incredible.

I have often felt a huge spiritual bonding when in large groups of people gathered together for a singular purpose or when the Star Spangled Banner plays. This too is such a moment I hope that Mr Obama and his counselors can guide us through the treacherous waters we are now all in and that they in time usher in a new era of prosperity for everyone.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gas Prices

I am not a big conspiracy theory kind of person. Not that I don't believe there are some conspiracies, I may even have been at the root of some but that is for another topic.

What I think today is that there is a big conspiracy over gasoline prices. Did you notice how gas prices were coming down nicely and I appreciate where they are at even now. But as soon as they got very low all of a sudden Israel and the Palestinians start to heat up there continued border conflicts until finally Israel sends troops into Gaza. Personally I don't care one way or another if they kill each other off. But as far as I know there is no or at least very little oil in either of those places. Yet there skirmishes cause the price of gas to go up by 40 cents a gallon. That seems odd to me, I think maybe some big oil guy didn't like where the prices were going so maybe they offer a few million dollars to the Palestinians to step up their launching rockets at Israel so that the price of oil can go back up more to where they would like it.

Why is it that just the threat of something can make the price jump the way it does. There are people with big money that are controlling things both here and also with our financial crisis which was in part brought about or worsened by the price of oil. Let me know what your opinion is?

Krispy Kreme to offer free doughnuts on Inauguration Day

In a press release the company announced that it will be "honoring American's sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies -- just another reminder of how oh-so-sweet "free" can be."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Motorcycle Clips on YouTube

There are a few clips from previous years DVD's on youtube this link will take you to one then you can view the others from there. Check it out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Biking Life 2008 DVD

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, children of all ages The Biking Life, Remote Control Productions and our friends at Fog Hollow proudly bring to you our 2008 DVD. Yes it is a little later getting out this year because well quality takes time. We are very proud of this year's edition and hope you will like it. It should be available for purchase in about two weeks either online at The Biking Life website or by going to Black Jack Leather on Hwy K in O'Fallon, MO, Fog Hollow in Pacific or AIMS on Martin Luther King Dr in Wellston, MO or at Cases' Custom Cycles in Pontoon Beach, IL. It will also be available for purchase at the Wide Open Show in St Charles at the Midwest Motorcycle Swap Meet in Collinsville, IL on March 28 or at most places you see the Biking Life booth.

Here is a partial list of all that is on this years disc.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finallly the motorcycle events page has been updated

My apologies to the readers of the magazine and web site. I have been remiss in updating this portion of the website but it has now been updated. I will try to do better going forward. If you or your group has an event coming up that you would like to have listed send me an email to and we'll try our best to get it on the website.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A friend of mine

Recently inquired about a booth at the upcoming Midwest Motorcycle Swap Meet for A.B.A.T.E. I told him the organizers would be cool with that. He asked if club "colors" were going to be allowed and I told him they were. He said he has brought it up at a recent officers meeting for that group and some had trouble with a booth at this event. I personally don't have a problem one way or another with that the fact is from what I hear booths are going well and this should be a big event.

The thing I did find interesting though is that this Motorcycle Rights Organization group has no problem at all supporting events that don't allow colors. Perhaps our rights don't extend to what we choose to wear or the way people are allowed to treat those of our bothers and sisters that choose to ride with a club, organization, group, riders or association. There are many that fall into one of these categories.

If you fall into one of those groups I urge you to support the Midwest Motorcycle Swap Meet on March 28 at the Fireman's Association Hall at 9510 Collinsville Rd which is located just off exit 24 on I-255 between I-64 and I-55/70. This event is put on by bikers for bikers.

The vendor spots are reasonably priced and there is one price to get in and it is $5 unless you are under 12 and accompanied by a parent then it is free. I know the people that are putting this on and they are working hard to put on the best damn swap meet possible. I hope to see you there.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Ball Run

There will be a ride out of Hartford, IL and too points unknown. Piasa ABATE is putting on there annual run. It will start at RJ Place in Hartford. Sign-up will be 11:30 - 1PM. Come on out! Need more info? Call Missy Grigg 251-5463 or Skinny Kinnikin at 917-6243. All vehicles welcome.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

E-Mail Link

Use this link to send Jim an E-Mail with your thoughts

Monday, January 5, 2009

I was wondering

I was wondering a couple of things. One was how many people read this blog on a regular basis. Another was if you are a regular reader or even if you are not what could I do to improve the magazine or the website. I know more content is probably high on your list and it is high on my own list, but I also need to have the advertisers to pay for the added pages of content. Right now I am probably sitting on two or three issues worth of stories from events we attended, stories were written and for a bunch of different reasons they haven't appeared in the magazine yet. The sad fact about that is it won't be long before we'll be in the midst of a new riding season. I would like to read or hear some of your ideas for improvements that can be made so give it some thought and feel free to either comment on this post or send me an email at I am afraid you'll have to cut and paste that email address.

Magazine Delivery

I was hoping to be hitting the streets this afternoon with the latest version of the magazine. However the printer didn't get them shipped as promised so they should start hitting the streets tomorrow. So how is the new Year starting off for you folks. Saturday was an awesome day and I hope many of you got an opportunity to ride some although it could definitely been drier. I think we are all going to have a great year coming our way and if not cruising on your scoot just makes things seem better.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

To all of the readers of this blog and the magazine, I wish you and your families all the best for the coming year. We have all seen some tough times but I believe we may be ready to turn a corner here and we'll start to see some improvement. Also just a little heads up because of the holidays and such the magazine will not start hitting the streets until Monday probably my apologies but there are many reasons for this. Also yesterday we got a completed product of The Biking Life 2008 DVD. Now admittedly I am biased but I think in some ways this is the best one ever and I know that this year there is nothing on the cover that isn't on the DVD. Watch for it soon. You can purchase it at Fog Hollow or at AIMS as well as at Black Jack Leather in O'Fallon, MO. We will also have them for sale at our booth at the Wide Open Bike Show the weekend of February 14th and 15th and of course it will also be featured at the Midwest Motorcycle Swap Meet March 28th in Collinsville, IL. Take care and thanks for your support.