Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No More Lemons in My Tea

I usually drink iced tea when I eat out. However, after the channel 4 news report, I no longer ask for a lemon slice in it. If you didn't see the story on TV you might want to check out the info on their web site. I'll bet you don't get lemon wedges anymore after seeing this.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Made An Enormous Mistake

Not my first one ever though. Yes I tried to sell my house you saw it in the magazine. The difference between my running it in the magazine and what my "professional realtor" did was I used a picture people could see. This independent works on the East Side and saying this individual was professional is a huge stretch. They didn't provide me copies of important contractual documents, didn't return phone calls and sent me weekly notices telling me how they hadn't shown my house. I have friends that work in the business and I'm sure they are embarassed by the conduct of people like this. Because they give all realtors a bad name.

Another example is I went to an open house they were hosting and they couldn't get off their fat ass to greet us as we walked in. They had no idea who had walked in; it was just too much of an effort to raise that lazy butt off a chair. Also I guess when you are built like that it is hard to find clothing that looks professional.

Please do not make the same mistake I did. Stay away from discount realtors especially slovenly dressed ones. Go with a known and respected name or heck check out my buddy John Waldron; I wish I had. He works for one of those respected companies not some fly by night organization that doesn't even have their faxes go to the main office.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

All Kinds of Dances and Fun for Motorcyclists

Hello there readers and anyone else who stumbles across this page. The Widfe Open Bike Show was a big success and we thank everyone who stopped by to say hello, wish us well and especially those of you who purchased our DVD. It is a nice look back at the year of 2007. One of our favorites every year is the Piasa Gateway ABATE Chapters Hot, Sweet and Sticky Dance from 7 to 12 at the Alton Il Moose Lodge 526 E Delmar. There are two toher dances by Veteran Rider Organization at American Legion Post 1 right on the eramec River in Fenton, MO the other is at the Troy, IL VFW Post all of these events are on this Saturday February 16th.

Also if you didn't make it to the Bike Show and want one of our DVDs you can either get it at the Forget the Ribbons Show the Green Benefit we are hosting at Jack's Iron horse for the local USO or you can buy one online or there is a coupon for it in the latest issue of the magazine. I have some other stuff to say but I'll keep it for another post. Thanks for bringing us into your lives.

Friday, February 8, 2008

This Weekend in Motorcycling

There are sevral great events going on this weekend. First off the Wide Open Bike Show is going on Saturday and Sunday at the Family Arena in St Charles. We will be here and if you haven't gotten your 2007 The Biking Life DVD this would be a good opportunity to do so. The 9th is also the Wild Game Cook-off at Ted's Motorcycle Worls in Alton. This is a fun time and if you go say hi to OLdskool Bob. There is a benefit in Belleville For Eric Shepard check our web events page for more info. Another thing you could do while visiting is click on some of the hyper links that helps our cause. I hope to see you guys out somewhere this weekend.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Motorcycle Clubs and Oraganizations

The Clubs page has been updated again with even more lcubs and organizations. These are all good groups and riding with an organization or a bunch or friends can add immeasurably to your enjoyment of your scooter.

Motorcycle Events Page More Updates

Yes, I have updated this page with even more of the upcoming events in the area. If you send them to we can get your events listed there as well. Another update I made was it was brought to my attention that the November 2007 and June 2007 issues were not available on-line this has now been rectified. I truly appreciate all of you who keep me honest on the website and the magazine. I hopr a lot of you have seen the link to buy our new DVD, t-shirts or to subscirbe to the magazine on the home page and ulitize these to show your friends that you support the finest regional motorcycle magazine in the nation and probably the world as far as I've been told.

Starting in the spring I am going to set aside one Sunday a month to just ride and I invite any of you who would like to to join me. We will start out in various area and try to get a decent ride in and hopefully disocver some new places or at least some new favorites occassioanlly we may go ao a ride but most times I want soemthing a little less structured. This will be a friends motorcycle ride.