Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's Hang at Show-Me's in Fairview Heights Tonight

Looks like an awesome night tonight and so I suggest we hangout at Show-Me's in Fairview Heights, IL on Lincoln Highway across from the mall. they have drink specials and a great staff we'll see you there.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Life, The Biking Life that is

Yes it is that time of month again, actually a little early. The printer is having some issues but I'm hoping magazines will be in on the 1st but it is questionable but you can read it now online by clicking right here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shawn Michaels Retires

I thought about going to Show-Me's last night to watch Wrestlemania but life interfered. Now I wish I had it seems Shawn Michaels had a match with the Undertaker where he would retire if he could not snap the Undertakers undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Well I guess He didn't because I heard his retirement speech tonight. So now you know something else about me. I like wrestling although as my guys retire maybe not quite as much.

Geo's Thursday Night

This Thursday will mark the first official bike night of the year at Geo's Wings and More, 4307 West Main St in Belleville, IL. It will also mark the second visit of the Mowhawk Man and his Rolling Veteran's Memorial. All who have seen it have been impressed by this tribute to America's soldiers. We invite all to come out whether motorcyclists or not. I believe you will be moved by this site. Plus Geo's is fun any night but it is great fun on Bike Night. The Biking Life will be there and as always we thank you for making us part of your biking life.

The Week's Bike Nights

Below is a partial listing of all the area's bike nights that we know about.

Weekly Events

Tuesday Bike Night the Third Tuesday of the Month
at Down on the Corner n Hwy 96 in Marcelline, IL

Tuesday Two Wheel Tuesday
at N0-Jacks on IL 159 in Smithton, IL

Tuesday Bike Night
at at Sullivans on North Illinois in Belleville, IL

Wednesday CTs Night Bike Ride
Call Paul at Dave Mungenast Motorsports for info

Wednesday Show-Mes Wingsday Bike Fest
Fairview Heights location on Lincoln Highway only

Thursdays STUNNA Thursdays
At Paradise 1, 615 Missouri St East St Louis, IL (618) 482-5578 DJ

Thursdays Bike Night at Bikers Corner
at 1924 N Vandeventer Ave in St Louis, MO

Thursday Thursday Night Bikers Delight
special for bikers all day and night at PTs Showclub in Centreville, IL

Thursdays Hardriders
call their hotline (314) 340-2000 for info

Thursdays Bike Night at Geos Wings and More
on 4307 West Main in Belleville, IL from 6:30 to 10

Friday Bike Night
at Fatboys in DeSoto, MO

Friday Bikes, Beers and Bonfires
at Chasers on Dutch Hollow Rd. $1.50 Dom Long necks

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Infliction Addiction - A tribute to Honest Mitch

Saturday March 27 - 6:00 PM to Midnight
The best Tattoo Shops, Motorcycle Shops and Artists from the two state area, together for a one night art show.

Koken Art Factory
2500 Ohio Ave
St Louis, MO 63104

Artists -
Alan Thomepson- "Trader Bob's", Alex-"Alex in Tattoo land", Brandi-" Steel & Ink Studio", Joe Allhoff- "Trader Bob's", Mikah Webb- "Cheap TRX", Chuck Laxton- "St. Louis artist", Connie- "Enchanted Dragon", Casey Kasparek- "St. Louis artist", Jennifer Hayes- "St. Louis artist", Phil Jarvis-"St. Louis artist", Jeff Bridges-"Painted Hog", David Counts- "Counts Custom Graphics", Bob Roberts- "Spot Light Tattoo", David Mann- "K.C. Mo"{prints}, Matt Hodel- "AllStar Tattoo", Jason Conrad- "Cheap TRX", Bobbie Jo- "Outlaw Ink", Tim Bodish- "Pencil Point Production", Jake Imboben- "Mamma's Tattoo's", Paul Webb- "Mamma's Tattoo's & Travis", Nick Stewart- "St. Louis artist", Evan Hagen- "St. Louis artist", Jim Trotter- "St. Louis artist", Andy Bell- "Universal Ink"

Custom Motorcycles -
Bones, Chariots of Fire, Jailhouse Jimmy E.F.M.C., Kirk P.C. Customs, Oz. H.A.M.C "Tribute Bike to Honest Mitch", Roadworthy Motorcycle, The Candy Shop, P.C. Customs "Phil Clifton Custom Jewelry by Road Rash Designs, Custom Frames by Off Arsenal Gallery Hammer Works "Roadworthy Motorcycle", Jason "Just Hawgs".

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hanging With Friends

Hey it was nice seeing some of you folks at Show-Me's last night. It was a pretty nice evening to ride. The rain held off a little longer than it was supposed to and while tonight isn't quite as promising you can bet some of your friends including Joy and I will be at Geo's on West Main St in Belleville, IL. Even though you may not ride there it is still fun to talk about riding with friends. See you there

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Show-Me's Wednesday Night

The weather looks good for tomorrow night so if you are not doing anything why don't you ride to Show-Me's in Fairview Heights, IL and enjoy some of their tasty wings with me. Between their great wings and their hot staff it is readily apparent Show-Me's is the place to go.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hartbauer/McBride Foundation Trivia Night

Just a reminder there are still tickets left for tomorrow night (March 20) trivia night fundraiser for the Hartbauer/McBride Foundation. The event will be at the Goff Moll American Legion Post in Brentwood, MO. The games start at 7:00 PM but come early. Come as an individual, a couple or bring your own group of eight and see how your knowledge of things trivial stacks up. Tickets are $15 per person and the proceeds go to a great cause.If you need more information feel free to call me at 618-531-0432. Thanks and have a good day.

Bike Nights Have Begun

Last night with the local unveiling of the Mowhawks Man's Rolling Veteran's Tribute bike nights started again at Geo's. The awesome weather combined with people wanting to check out this awesome Memorial to our troops of yesterday and today combined to draw a big crowd of riders and non-riders to Geo's Wings at 4307 West Main st in Belleville, IL. This is just another example of how George and Karen strive to bring you different types of events each and every week. We look ofrward to seeing you and your friends this year on Thurdays at Geo's. Thanks for making us part of your biking life.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Geo's Thursday Night

Well the weather looks very good for tomorrow night. So I suggest we all ride up to Geo's in addition to the usual good friends and good times to be had there. This Thursday will be the local unveiling of the Mowhawk Man's Veteran Tribute Bus. He recently bought a motorhome/bus and then commissioned a wrap maker to put together this wrap incorporating scenes from various conflicts since 1900. These include WW I, WW II, the Korean Conflict, The War in Vietnam, Dessert Storm and the Global War on Terrorism. I have seen it and it is truly a rolling memorial to those who have served in all 5 branches of our military.

Once Again the Weatherman Lied

Yes once again the weather man has lied about the day but, it is St Paddy's Day so that means the sun is shining on the Irish. Well that happens every day if you ask me but I digress. If you want to know where I'll be on this fine day early this evening I'll be enjoying some fine corn beef and cabbage at the Hot Shots on St Charles Rock Rd. Then I'll finish the evening at the Show-Me's in Fairview Heights hanging with some other friends, probably after 8:30 or so. I hope to see you out and maybe it will warm up a little.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Stuff This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend. Here are the events we know about. Whatever you do have fun and be safe.

13th Bush Pilots St Paddys Day Party
at their clubhouse Central and Union in Alton, IL starts at 6 PM

13th St. Pats Day Chili Cookoff and Beer Tasting
at Legacy Harley Davidson Effingham, IL13th Bush Pilots St Paddys Day Party
at their clubhouse Central and Union in Alton, IL starts at 6 PM

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How About Geo's Wings Tonight

It looks like we are in a for another nice day today so why not head over to Geo's this evening. The weather should be good not quite as nice as yesterday. Joy and I did get to ride some and now not only is the Katana running but also the Harley. Imagine that from yesterday morning when I had no bikes to ride till now when I have two running and I've been told my other one will be running by the end of the week. Take care I hope to see you at Geo's probably 7:30ish or so. And thanks for making us part of your biking life.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chuck Norris Turns 70

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris!
Check out some facts you may not know about Chuck.
Chuck Norris Turns 70 -- We Present a Norris Fact for Every Ass-Kicking Year

Looks Like a Great Night to Ride up to Show-Me's

Why not start the bike nights at Show-Me's tonight! The temps look awesome and it is a good time to get out of the house. Hopefully I'll be able to ride there although bikes are still in shop. Maybe I'll run to the store and see if I can get a battery. See you there

Monday, March 8, 2010

Crashes Car While Driver Is Shaving

You really have to be careful when riding your motorcycle because you never know what the nearby car drivers may be doing while driving.
I don't know if it is stranger that she was shaving her bikini area while driving to see her boyfriend or that her ex-husband was steering from the passenger seat.

Megan Mariah Barnes Crashes Car While Shaving Bikini Area, Police Say - AOL News

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great Days

This weekend featured a could of just awesome days. However I spent the weekend delivering magazines and waiting for one of my scoots to be running. I was told one should be running by tomorrow another one by the end of the week and the third I need to find out about the battery I've ordered. I hope that all of you who could enjoyed this great weather and I look forward to seeing you on the road soon. Geo's will be starting in earnest in April but if there is a nice Thursday in March stop on out or come party with us no matter what. We have some new ideas we are going to be unveiling this year to make it more fun and of course different.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Not a Lot going On This Weekend

There is nothing on the calendar event wise for this weekend but was is on the horizon is a superior weekend weather-wise. I suggest we all get on our bad motor scooters and ride to paraphrase the Red Rocker. Whatever you do have fun and thanks for making us part of your biking life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Uses for Harley XR1200

I wonder if Harley-Davidson ever thought they would see their new bikes doing these stunts?
Seth Enslow sets a new record by jumping a Harley-Davidson motorcycle 183.7 feet.

Kain Saul does another first on a Harley in Australia.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Magazines Are In

The magazines are in and I should be out kind of late tonight starting the delivery process. You should be able to find them soon at your favorite places.

Free Wings at Show-Me's

Today if you go into the Show-Me's Fairview Heights, IL location and ask your waitress "How hot do you like it?" you will get 5 free wings they are also having specials on Coors as well.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Accolades on Dave Perewitz Interview

The magazine has been on the web for less than a day and already accolades and kudos are being received for the Dave Perewitz interview. Another excellent contribution by John Skala.